Our Culture

At Alongside we thrive on our vibrant, innovative culture.

We take care of each other first and foremost so that we can make raves for our guests, community, and suppliers. After all, teamwork makes the dream work. We aim to understand every team members personal goals in life and to help them to work towards this through their roles here at the restaurant. By doing this we encourage everyone to be the best person they can be both in the workplace and in their lives outside too.

We help our team to develop through financial coaching allowing them to meet financial goals & reduce stress created by debt & other money issues. We have ongoing personal development in place for every team member. By this we mean life skills that will take our team where ever they want to go. We aim to be more than a pay check by offering great gym deals, early morning boot camps, a whanau (family) meal every day between 4 and 5pm for every team member regardless of whether they are working that day or not, constant training, up skilling through the use of technology throughout the venue, external courses, one on one coaching with our leadership team and engagement across all levels in the running of the restaurant. You will be not just a chef or waiter or kitchen hand but a key member of our business team who understands the business & the why behind everything we do.

35 Degrees South is a unique place to work where ownership is valued through every level. Greatness comes from owning your failures, not trying to show others “we’ve got it all figured out’. And we don’t claim to have it all figured out at 35 Degrees South yet but we aspire to get there by learning along the way.  Having every individual involved having a sense of ownership in their role we are one step closer to the ‘great’ restaurant we aspire to be. Part of owning our roles in this business is ensuring we are completely honest with one another. By committing to being honest we create a transparency that allows our systems to be constantly assessed and improved working towards our turn key vision.

We value innovation in every part of the business and encourage each and every one to ask the question why? Until they get an answer that satisfies them. We aim to have passionate, positive people as part of our team so we can have an innovative, systemised, energetic and inspiring restaurant.

We work our buns off, but we play hard too, with an annual company overnight trip, daily family meals, and so much more. If you’re looking for a fulfilling, rewarding, and really fun career, you’re in the right place.

Working here gives you the opportunity to develop & grow into the person you want to become so you can succeed in anything you choose to become either inside the 35 family or wherever your dreams take you, no matter where you start.

Mike and Gayle McMaster

Business Owner's

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Sarah Greener


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Ed Parker

General Manager

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Radovan Seplaky

Production Team

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Andy Lin

Production Team

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Kate Briand

Sales Manager

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Sue Waddell

Administration Manager

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